We are pleased to say that hosting the Christmas at Bute Park trail has limited impact on normal public access to the park. Visitors to Bute Park can enjoy the site in the normal way during daylight hours throughout our hire period. 

Bute Park is locked 30 minutes before dusk throughout the year, and for the period of the trail, the normal park locking time is 3:45pm. However, a section of the park will be closed off slightly earlier so it can be prepared for re-opening to trail ticket holders. The area affected is shown in the map below and will be closed off from 3pm instead of 3:45pm. The area used by the trail and shown in the map below is open for normal public access between 7am and 3pm.

An evening-only cycle and “active travel” diversion is in place whilst the trail is in operation as also shown on the map below. This maintains what is an important route across the city centre. As park visitors will know, the east-west designated commuter route ordinarily stays open, even after park locking, to provide a useful route for active travellers. We are pleased to have been able to maintain this popular route by implementing the diversion shown. In daylight hours, when the park is open as normal we advise the usual path is used for people’s convenience.